An example of the  services we offer..


Cleaning & Maintenance

. Gardening services / Mowing

. Window cleaning

. Firewood/kindling delivery & stacking

. Professional cleaning

. BBQ/ House gas bottle refills

. BBQ cleaning service

. Linen hire service

. Painting & small handyman jobs

. High pressure deck cleaning

. Gutter clearing

Costs for our cleaning & maintenance services are quoted to you as a package, when you sign up Oceanview Properties. We work out your needs, visit your property and then customise a package to suit you! Yes we dont believe in the one size fits all approach! We also dont believe in charging you every time you sneeze! We would rather work with you personally and make sure your happy with the price & frequency of our services. If you wish to complete some of the maintenance yourself to reduce costs, no worries! All cleaning & maintenance costs are deducted from your booking income. 

We have serviced many houses along The Great Ocean Road. We began seven years ago cleaning and maintaining holiday rentals solely. We had an army and we ran a contact cleaning service for companies such as Great Ocean Road Real Estate and Holiday Great Ocean Road. We had in excess of 70 properties on our books and were very busy! After the Wye River fires we lost many properties and decided that it was a good time to steer our business in a slightly different direction and so began "Oceanview Properties" full property management of high end, unique homes. Our background story is important because I believe every aspect of running your home is as important as the other and the cleaning & presentation is paramount to your properties success! Most management companies are great behind a desk but struggle considerably with the everyday, nitty gritty, on the ground running of your home. We have learnt the ropes from the ground up and this sort of experience leads to a well looked after property, with returning guests, happy owners and positive online reviews!